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We offer a variety of skin treatments in a private, relaxing environment. Pamper yourself with one of our luxurious treatments at our discreet location. Our team of Certified Laser Technicians are ready to listen to your concerns and suggest the proper solutions to address your worries. Although our spa is located in Vancouver, we also serve clients from different areas of Metro Vancouver, including Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, and more.

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  • Profound® Treatment

    If you’ve ever wanted to look younger, but are worried about going under the knife or getting fillers, Infinity Med Spa now offers the perfect non-surgical solution: Profound. Profound is a minimally invasive treatment designed to help people who have sagging skin and loss of volume around the mouth, cheeks, and neck.

  • Laser Hair Removal

    Treat unwanted hair growth on all body areas including: upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, reasts, stomach, arms, shoulders, bikini area, legs and back. This is the first and only technology that uses combined energies to effectively and gently remove hair of many colors and types from all skin tones. Tired of deep

  • Sublative Treatment

    Tired of deep wrinkles, acne scarring, or other textural irregularities? Our Sublative Fractional Resurfacing treatment safely, gently and effectively resurfaces your skin from the inside out. The unique combination of ablation and skin rejuvenation leads to wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, improved texture and even skin tone with minimal

  • IPL/Photo rejuvenation

    IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a multi-tasking laser treatment used for overall rejuvenation of the face as well as targeting specific issues, such as dark spots, pore size, vascular lesions, rosacea, and wrinkles. Photo rejuvenation treatments center around the patented Florescent Pulsed Light system, which penetrates deep below the skin’s surface

  • Sublime Treatment

    The wait for a truly effective, non-invasive method for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction is now over with Infinity Med Spa’s recent acquisition of a remarkable technology that performs a procedure called Sublime (formerly known as ReFirme). By contrast, the Sublime procedure not only tightens skin and reduces wrinkles on the neck

  • triniti Plus

    Improve Skin Clarity, Texture & Wrinkles without Surgery At Infinity Med Spa, we offer a range of treatments to help our clients improve the look and feel of their skin, including the trinity™ Plus three in one facial treatment. The Triniti Plus treatment combines bi-polar and light energies to precisely heat the